Lovely Response to Gene Marks’ Article

Hey, Gene Marks: Love, Not Google, Got Me Out Of Poverty.

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, December 16th.

This is one of the better responses I have run across to the now notorious article by Gene Marks’ in Forbes ‘If I was a poor Black Kid’.  According to this response it looks like love, teachers, and drive are important to moving Americans out of urban poverty.  Technology cannot save us unless it is targeted, people are taught how to use it, public access is assured, and as this article nicely displays, there is support from members of the community.

“Marks’ article is equally as prejudice and assumptive. And what is worse is that, like my drug-experimenting friends, I am sure he doesn’t even feel his assumptions have an ounce of prejudice. It is this lack of self-recognition, not the digital divide, which further insulates the societal institutions of racism that poor, black kids find so strenuous to penetrate.”

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